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Texas Success Initiative Assessment FAQ

      • Which math topics will be tested?
      • Why is the TSI Assessment Test Important?
      • How will my scores be used?
      • Am I exempt?
      • Where do I register for the test?
      • Where can I print a sample test?  
      • About this TSI Pre-Assessment Activity

Which math topics will be tested?

The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Mathematics and Statistics test contains questions that measure proficiency in the following four content areas:

Elementary Algebra and Functions

Intermediate Algebra and Functions

Geometry and Measurement

Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability

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Why is the TSI Assessment Test Important?

The TSI Assessment measures your strengths and weaknesses in the areas of reading, writing and mathematics. The TSI Assessment is computer adaptive, which allows for questions to increase, or decrease, in difficulty levels based on your responses.

The assessment for reading, writing, and math consists of multiple-choice questions. Because it is adaptive, students who do well on the multiple choice questions of the Writing portion will not be asked to complete an essay.

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How will my scores be used?

You will receive a score immediately after you complete the Assessment Test.

This score will be used by advisors to determine if you are ready to enroll in college level coursework. Advisors will place you in the best courses for your skill level and determine the appropriate developmental courses, or interventions, available at STC if you do not qualify for college level coursework.

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Am I Exempt?

You may be exempt from taking the TSI Assessment tests if you:

If you have questions about your test scores or exemptions, please contact the Student Assessment Center at testing@southtexascollege.edu or call 956-872-6402.

Please make sure you meet with an advisor to discuss your results and options.

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